Anthony Davis will be a Laker

Anthony Davis is one of the best basketball players we will ever see play. His combination of defensive ability, three point shooting and low post scoring are just unbelievable. This dude hasn’t gotten a single strand of hope in the form of help while in New Orleans and haven’t had a quality guard his entire career to play with. Even when the Pelicans added DeMarcus Boogie Cousins, you never really felt like this was helping Davis the way he needed. ‘

Agent Rich Paul has notified the New Orleans Pelicans that All-NBA forward Anthony Davis has no intention of signing a contract extension if and when presented and that he has requested a trade, Paul told ESPN on Monday.— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) January 28, 2019

The Celtics are the obvious choice based on all of their picks and young talent, but if AD prefers to be in LA he should consider forcing a trade now. There is a rule in the CBA that gives a designated rookie, so because of Kyrie Irvings contract the Celtics can not sign Anthony Davis until Kyrie signs an extension.

This gives the Lakers a massive upside currently. If Anthony Davis wanted to be a Celtic, you have to assume he would just wait for this news to break until Kyrie Irving opted out of his most recent contract. Basically, due to what is commonly referred to as the “Rose Rule”, you can’t have two designated player contracts on the pay rule. For more information, click here to read about the ins and outs of the rule.

The main idea behind this trade is that the Lakers will need to give up Kyle Kuzma, and two out of three of the other main players including Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and Brandin Ingram. This is a large ask for a young franchise, but realistically none of these players have shown they can even compare to what AD brings to the table.

There are a ton of variables left to fall into place before AD finds his new team, but based on when the news releases you have to assume he wants to be a Laker. Bringing this news out not only gives the Lakers the best chance to sign him, but the assets the Celtics have could prove to be too much for LA.

Either way, it’s going to be nice to see the brow try to win a championship. This dude is a generational talent and is too great to be sitting in limbo down there in voodoo heaven.

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