Ranking The Top Ten Wide Receiver Divas

Over the last couple of weeks the football community has been introduced to a side of Antonio Brown of seemingly caring only about himself. Since then the media has been all over this topic with talks of trades or anything else relating to the star wide receiver. While it is sad to see that Brown will unlikely will be a member of the Black and Gold next year it did get me thinking of other wide receivers that have this same attitude that Brown possesses. Again, everyone has their own opinions and some of you may disagree. If you have a receiver diva that you feel deserves on this list comment them down below. Without further ado I give you the top ten wide receiver divas.

#10 Steve Smith Srssmith

Steve Smith lands at the last spot on this list and despite the picture depicting him for the team he retired for; the Baltimore Ravens, he did most of his egotistical damage when he was a member of the Carolina Panthers. Steve loved to showboat especially in his touchdown celebrations. An all time favorite that is remembered by many fans is when he did the rowboat against the Minnesota Vikings after the team’s LoveBoat scandal in 2005. Steve mostly kept his diva attitude that came with a big mouth on the field and not off of it which is why he’s last on our list.

#9 DeSean Jacksondjackson 

DeSean Jackson lands at the number nine spot on this list. He has given us as fans numerous diva moments for all of the teams he played for; the Eagles, the Redskins and finally the Buccaneers. When he was with the Eagles is when the light was shining down on Jackson and he took full advantage of that spotlight. Two major instances come to mind as the most notable one was when he dropped the ball before he walked into the end zone in true showboat fashion without the best result. The other instance was running out the clock before finally scoring against the Giants. Some may see that one as strategic, but I do not. I see it as kind of being a douche. In Washington, he constantly blamed his bad performance numbers on everyone but himself saying he was not at fault for dropping the balls thrown to him. He also whined constantly about his usage in Washington, along with his teammates and coaches. In Tampa Bay, with the quarterback wheel going back and forth between Winston and Fitzpatrick both having different styles sometimes they do not work with Jackson being the number one receiver. He sounded off about that one too asking to be traded earlier in the 2018 season after not getting the numbers he wanted.

#8 Antonio Brownabrown

Antonio Brown finds himself entering this list at the number eight spot. Now lets be honest for a hot second. Brown has had issues before this season started with his conduct. There were the issues of frustration with Ben Roethlisberger not giving him the ball that led to the gatorade tantrum and the Facebook live video in the lock room. However, it wasn’t until this year at the end of the 2018 season that we learned how much of a diva Brown really was. While practicing in preparation for battle with Cincinnati, Brown became frustrated once again and with this frustration threw a ball back Big Ben and left practice. Mike Tomlin had been trying to get in touch with him and Brown told his agent to tell Tomlin he would be there for the game even though he skipped practice. Brown came to Heinz field and was told because of his actions he would not be playing in this game. Instead of supporting his teammates from the sideline, Brown took it upon himself to leave the stadium. This story then made a new chapter as former teammate Ryan Clark made his point on Brown’s attitude and Brown responded simply by calling him an Uncle Tom. It will be a double edge to the Steelers as Brown will most likely find a new team to represent in 2019.

#7 Dez Bryantdbryant

Dez Bryant comes next at number seven and there is a lot to be said about him. The former Cowboys receiver was known for his passion and his attitude. In my mind, I believe one shows more than the other. It started to show as Bryant in 2015 threatened to hold out for the season unless he was paid more money from the Cowboys to which  they eventually agreed to an understanding. Bryant does play with passion and sometimes that passion gets him into some trouble. When some plays were run and Bryant did not get the ball it was like a shark with blood in the water and Bryant using his words lashed out. The most notable was in the Cowboys locker room in which Jason Witten was being interviewed and had to cut himself short to keep peace between Dez and club senior vice president of public relations Rich Dalrymple. It drew the attentions of the media in there to which they all took plenty of video of Bryant sounding off with his words towards the Cowboys organization and the media taking the footage. Off the field and on the field instances are what finally led the Cowboys to release Dez and since then he has looked to start anew somewhere else.

#6 Odell Beckham Jrodell 

Odell Beckham Jr comes in as number six. Odell has had his fair share of diva like moments. Let us start with the on the field moments as Odell after his rookie year of stunning the NFL fans was beginning to now give off some would say a different vibe of being a diva. Beckham like Bryant exhibits a lot of passion when it comes to the game and sometimes his emotions get the better of him. His frustration showed in games against the Rams when he got into a scuffle with Alec Ogletree, his off and on relationship with the field goal net, and especially his issues with cornerback Josh Norman. That was showed in a game in which the Giants and the Panthers faced off in which everyone was waiting to see how one of the best receivers in the game faced one of the best cornerbacks. What we all got was a disgusting and aggressive mess as these two (Beckham especially) went to great lengths to almost hurt each other. They slapped helmets, grabbed face masks and in instance Beckham hurled his body forward helmet first and cracked Norman on the side of his helmet to which Norman responded by kicking him in the chest while he was on the ground. These two should have been removed after the first instance. Off the field issues included the infamous boating trip to Miami right before their playoff game against Green Bay and his long list of comments about Eli Manning and the coaching staff of the Giants.

#5 Michael Irvin


Michael Irvin earns the number five spot on this list and it is rightfully so. Irvin had many on and off the field issues that labeled himself a diva. Mostly his on the field moments were showboating even giving himself the name The Playmaker. Irvin showboated heavily and let everyone know it no matter how simple or short the play was and because of that he continued to do it to anger the opposing teams and their fans. It got to a point where the fans constantly booed him and it showed the most in Philadelphia in which he suffered a career ending injury to his neck. That only seemed to fill the Eagles fans with joy as they actually cheered for his departure when he was being carted off. Off the field instances came in the form of drug usage including two cocaine charges.

#4 Chad Ochocincocochocinco  

My brother’s idol of the Cincinnati Bengals lands a spot at number four in this ranking. Ochocinco had a tendency of running his mouth quite often and a lot of his actions a diva receiver came in the form of his rigorous touchdown celebrations. These included numerous ones that filled enemy teams and fans with so much rage including the River dance, trying to revive the ball with CPR, proposing to a cheerleader on the sidelines, grabbing and then using a camera, putting the football and the list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong the guy had great creativity and put it into fashion playing mind games with the fans and teams he played, but there is a point where too much is too much. To me when he put the Hall of Fame jacket on after scoring one that was in a sense the last straw for me.

#3 Randy Mossrmoss 

Randy Moss; the name itself has left a feeling that the NFL of being a diva wide receiver. He has had many instances of feeling like he has earned his position as one of the greatest receivers in history. Unfortunately, to many people most of his great plays he has made in his career have been overshadowed by his attitude. A big one that a lot of fans remember is when he scored a touchdown with the Vikings against divisional rival Green Bay and proceeded to pretend to moon the fans. The announcers called it a disgusting act and I do agree. He also disagreed with an official to the point where he squirted a water bottle at him in anger. One that I remember is when he left a game and headed to the locker room before the game even finished. He was also known for trying at his full potential at times and a guy that does not play 100% all the time really twists my stomach and grinds my gears. This attitude carried him to five teams; Oakland, Minnesota, New England, Minnesota again and finally ending his career in Tennessee. Again, Moss was an all time great receiver, but it was a pure shame that he is remembered for his attitude instead of his athletic ability.

#2 Keyshawn Johnsonkeyshawn 

Keyshawn Johnson shows up at number two in this ranking. Johnson throughout his career with four different teams; Jets, Buccaneers, Cowboys and Panthers has been a huge diva problem for the NFL. One of the most infamous diva moments from Johnson came when he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when he was seen arguing with Coach Jon Gruden and it was not one that a lot of people wanted to see (especially if you were a Bucs fan) because his language and continued jawing with Gruden caused him to be deactivated for the rest of that 2003 season until he was traded to Dallas. Their lack luster relationship was a bad one and he often ran his mouth to the media about Gruden in particular or about his other teammates. Antonio Brown was not the only one to use the Uncle Tom term as Johnson used it calling out his former teammate Ronde Barber. He was a also responsible for the NFL helmet rule because he literally ripped it off in frustration when things did not go his ways. He even wrote a book called Just Give Me The Damn Ball like come on now. Let us hope his nephew Michael Thomas can pave the way on how a receiver should act in the NFL.

#1 Terrell Owenstowens

Was there any doubt that Terrell Owens would land at my number one spot? No I didn’t think so either because there was no other player that could fit this bill. So lets just start at the beginning shall we. In San Francisco, Owens learned very quickly that his mouth could land him in trouble as his comments about his quarterback Jeff Garcia landed him in hot water. Let us not forget about his infamous touchdown celebrations in Dallas where he stood on the star not once but twice and he was clocked the second time for doing it. He was then traded to Baltimore and refused to show up so the 49ers decided to ship him off to Philadelphia and boy did he have diva like problems there too. Once again. his mouth landed him in trouble this time with a suspension after saying that The Eagle should campaign to get Brett Favre to be quarterback even though Donovan McNabb was their quarterback. It was not secret these two did not get along. Owens then threatened to hold out and because of that he went to their rival the Dallas Cowboys. He did many other things too that made him a problematic diva receiver including constantly complaining why he was not getting the ball, a heated argument dispute between himself and Todd Haley, and spitting in the face of DeAngelo Hall.

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