Let’s just start off this one by saying no, Kyler Murray will not go number one overall in this draft. Kliff Kingsbury has come out to say that his previous mentions of taking Kyler Murray #1 Overall were something out of The Matrix considering what are the odds that the new coach would have this pick as the Murray Hype Train continues to roll.

But, alas, this isn’t about the Kliff / Kyler love affair. I wanted to take a little time to address some new coaching staffs with struggling teams that I absolutely love. A ton of coaches have been fired recently, opening up jobs for old heads and new coordinators galore.

The Arizona Cardinals shocked the world with their announcement to hire Kliff Kingsbury, the current OC at USC and former head coach of the Red Raiders at Texas Tech. Kingsbury has coached the likes of Baker Mayfield, Patrick Mahomes, Case Keenum, Johnny Manziel, and Davis Webb just to name a few. The new wave of NFL coaching decisions are based around what can help a QB become ready to win a Super Bowl on their rookie deal, and this is perfectly aligned with that thinking. Kliff will do wonders for Rosen if the two can see eye to eye.

Easily my favorite hire so far to aid Kliff is their defensive coordinator, Vance Joseph formally of the Denver Broncos. Joseph has spent years coaching under defensive minds such as Wade Phillips. I understand that Vance didn’t fair too well in Denver, and both sides agreed that the situation wasn’t ideal on either end.

Another under the radar hire the team made recently is Jeff Rodgers. Under Rodgers, the Denver Broncos ran back six kicks for touchdowns between 2011-2014. Also under his regime, Broncos kicker Matt Prater was named to the pro bowl after setting franchise recorded in field goal percentage and points scored. He also hit the famous 64-yard field goal while Rodgers was his coach.

The biggest positive for Kliff with this coaching staff is that he is very open to learning what he doesn’t know. He has a quality group of football minds around him, an extremely promising quarterback in Josh Rosen and one of the NFL’s best talents in David Johnson. Despite the claims that Kliff isn’t ready for the spotlight, he has surrounded himself with a good core, and this team should be exciting for the future. And if Kliff fails, it basically just gets the Cardinals through Russell Wilson and Jared Goff’s contracts, so hopefully every other team just naturally falls a part. A win-win.

Greg and I talk a lot about the coaching carousel, as does every other sports outlet in the world. Normally coaches are just shipped from here to there cementing a very boring system from team to team. This new regime of coaches we see getting to be the shot callers is exciting. Regardless if you love or hate Kliff, you have to be excited for the possibilities this man can bring to the table, especially if you are a fan of another team and can just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.