NHL All-Star Jerseys Released

The NHL has released its jerseys for the 2019 Honda All-Star Game. All players will be wearing the new eco-innovative ocean inspired Adizero jerseys during the NHL Skills Competition and Allstar game. The jerseys will be made from recycled Marine plastic waste materials, which will be the first of its kind.

My thoughts, the overall concept of this jersey is very impressive. The idea of creating a sports jersey out of recycled materials is amazing to me. I believe this is the best time for the NHL to debut these eco-innovative ocean friendly jerseys, since the All-Star game is in San Jose, the home of the Sharks.

Each division will have their own set of jerseys home and away. The home jersey will consist of a black jersey with a classic look, wheres as the away jersey will be white. Simple enough, the jerseys will also include the logo of the team the player plays for. This is the first time in NHL All-Star history that an NHL teams’ crest will appear on the front of the jersey. Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of this idea. In fact, I prefer the NHL All-Star jerseys to have the classic All-Star look. I like seeing the NHL logo on the front of the jersey, and seeing the players team logo on the shoulder of the jersey. In my opinion jerseys with matching logos just makes the game look more organized.


hockey jerseys .jpgjerseys colors .jpg

However, the NHL All-Star game has changed over the years to a 3v3 tournament style game. Maybe having the NHL teams logo on the jersey will give it more of a “pick-up” hockey kind of feel, which fans will love.

The NHL has definitely opened up a world of new opportunities with these jerseys, and it won’t be long before other leagues follow in their footsteps. Until then, don’t forget to tune into all of the NHL All-Star weekend action January 25th and 26th.

Written by VoKnows412

Slippery Rock University Grad. I have a love for graphic design and sports. Dream job is to be a graphic designer or social media manager for a professional sports organization.

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