AEW Press Conference

May 25th 2019 Las Vegas, Nevada Double or Nothing! All Elite Wrestling has set the date for their first show at the press conference today in Jacksonville Florida outside of TIAA Bank Field. The hour press conference featured a few other announcements.

First SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky) came out to officially announcing they will be competing in AEW. They threw out some cool shirts and pumped up the crowd.

Next was Cody. When Cody walked on stage he was visibly emotional fighting back tears. He said that he was ready to change the business he loves. He then brought The Young Bucks to the stage and the announcements started to drop. The Young Bucks, Matt Jackson announced that AEW had signed a deal with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment. To introduce the American market to a group called The Good Hearts.

OWE Trailer

They also announced that the second show for AEW will be in Jacksonville, but gave no date or location.

There was also an appearance from Brandi Rhodes the Chief Brand Officer aka Chief Brandi Officer. She introduced the first woman wrestler signed to AEW. Pittsburgh’s own Dr. Britt Baker had an awesome 2018 traveling the world staring in a series of titles matches. She suggested that she would be fighting for the AEW Women’s Title at Double or Nothing, but did not reveal any possible opponents.

The master of ceremonies Conrad Thompson came out only to be interrupted by Maxwell Jacob Friedman the rising indie star. MJF called Conrad a bunch of names and stuck his gum to his forehead and sent him off stage in shame. MJF announced that he had signed with AEW and then began to berate the crowd until he was silenced by the Bad Boy himself Joey Janela. With Penelope Ford by his side he announced both of them will be joining AEW. Also setting up one of our first matches for Double or Nothing.

Penelope Ford is a huge singing for AEW, she is the manager of Joey Janela and adds a lot to his act. Don’t be fooled she is more than that she can wrestle. She is like an Indi Zelina Vega and paired with Joey Janela its a huge draw.

Next Hangman Adam Page took to the stage to declare that in 2019 he will be the AEW Champion. Just as the crowd erupted he was confronted by the biggest indie free agent not named Kenny Omega. For those of you who don’t know PAC was formerly known as Adrian Neville in the WWE. He was a former NXT CHampion and Cruiser Weight Champion. PAC was a guy who the WWE never let reach his full potential. It’s not shocking that he has joined Cody at AEW a man who famously left WWE for the opportunity to prove himself on the indies. The two had a stair down and seemed to allude to our Championship contest at Double or Nothing.

It seemed like the press conference was over, and honestly who could have asked for more. As Conrad Thompson was closing out the press conference a familiar tune rang out into the Jacksonville air. “Judas” by Fozzy played as the GOAT, Chris Jericho made his way to the stage. He announced that he came to AEW because he believes in doing something different.

So what does this all mean. Well first thing is we have some semblance of a roster forming.


Locked Performers include.


The Good Hearts

Britt Baker


Joey Janela

Penelope Ford

Hangman Page


Chris Jericho

It would also seem from context that Cody, The Young Bucks, and Brandi will all be wrestling as well. To what extent is still a mystery.

We also found out on Twitter that Billy Gunn is the first producer for AEW. I would assume that means he is helping book the show. Billy Gunn was a big part of the early days of NXT, and was obviously close to Triple H during the booking process. This is another big get for AEW. Billy Gunn was apart of All In and will give a seasoned hand to the booking staff.

It is still early to guess the roster, but some names to keep in the back of your head. Matt Cross, Joey Ryan, Jimmy Havoc, and Laura James. All have been featured on Being The Elite and all of them are not currently contracted for a wrestling company. They are also veterans which would help get over a dominantly young roster.

The second event in Jacksonville was announced, but was not given a date or location. I would assume it is after Double or Nothing, but it also feel strange that they would wait almost 6 months before giving us content. We can assume things will be built up on BTE until a TV deal is in place, but they need to strike while the iron is hot.

It was another exciting step, and if The Bucks and Cody plan to back up their talk All Elite Wrestling will be a viable WWE alternative that Impact, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling simply are not.


Written by Johnny Violence

The lead NHL/Hockey writer for Thoughts From The Bench.

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