Way Too Soon Predicitions – Quarterback Shuffle

The cover image is a friendly reminder that Mark Sanchez still got paid to play football. Yikes.

What would the world be if not for hypotheticals? They’re fun, exciting, and carry little weight in my personal record book of being right or wrong. The NFL is what we all need in life. A little drama here, a little scandal there, and an overarching mentality that real life doesn’t matter for a few ticks of a clock on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m not going to get into every single prediction for the 2019 season, but I wanted to address formally some moves I see coming for the season. Another of these types of articles will come out at the end of the 2018 NFL season with a potential MVP candidate and what not, but let’s stick to the present.

I think it’s safe to say that not every quarterback who ends the 2018 season as the starter will enter 2019 as the starter. Some teams are set for now, like the Seahawks, the Packers and every other team with a top tier signed QB. There are a few quarterbacks who deserve a shot, and I think we could see them get their chance in 2019. The first name on my list is Jacoby Brissett. Every since being drafted by the Patriots in the third round of the 2016 draft, there was always a hint of “this kid’s special”. Brissett played well for the Patriots when Jimmy G and Tommy B were both injured, and did the same for the Colts when their backup literally forgot how to hold a football. I expect Jacoby to get a starting chance soon, and for him to succeed.

Another quarterback I think gets a starting shot in 2019 is Nick Mullens. The relatively unknown qb took over the 49ers starting job when Jimmy G and C.J. Beathard both went down. I’m not saying Mullens is the most talented potential commodity at the position, but I think he’s more than proven that he can run an offense and perform at the highest level needed when it matters. Some team has to take a flyer on him, especially with Mark Sanchez still starting NFL games. Yikes.

Tyrod Taylor. O, Tyrod. The man who was pegged to be the Cleveland Browns starter this season was removed after basically a proven to fail system to make way for rookie Baker Mayfield to step in. Tyrod deserves another chance at starting, and I don’t think he’s content with being a career backup. Tyrod is one of the safest quarterbacks we’ve ever seen, meaning he doesn’t throw turn overs. I would love to see Tyrod get another shot at a starting position, but if the Browns want to pay him to groom Baker, he’ll be amazing at that also.

The last Qb I’ll touch on now is Joe Flacco. Despite winning a Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens, his contract which followed crippled the team for years. Flacco is a mediocre quarterback with no real instinct to carry a team to anything. Lamar Jackson has proven his athletic ability can carry him to multiple wins despite not having the most accurate of arms. I fully believe that the Ravens will try to ship off Joe Flacco this offseason in an attempt to unload his contract, especially considering how good RG3 looked as a backup for the organization. Who signs him? Probably the Jaguars just because.


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