Johnny SAWFTness

The events that transpired Saturday night in Boston Massachusetts did not have anything to do with our hero Ryan Reaves (That first name is awesome). This Zach Hyman character is a wannabe Superhero, who was trying to make a name for himself. Did McAvoy deserve to be hit? Hard Yes. Earlier in the game McAvoy cross checked Marner in the back of the head, so everyone knew he was on the Leafs radar after that. I agree the hit was definitely a late one and the correct call was made.
The difference between the Hyman and Reaves hits is simple, Tom Wilson. Hyman has no prior incidents with dirty hits or suspensions, whereas Tom Wilson is currently sitting with a grand total of 4 suspensions. The hockey world turned their backs on the Reaves hit, just like the NHL turned it’s back on prior Tom Wilson incidents. Am I happy Tom Wilson was injured? No. Did he deserve a taste of his own medicine? Absolutely, which is why
Ryan Reaves remains a hero and not a zero like you, JohnnySAWFTness.

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