Moorheads Rankings of the week – NFL Teams


Oakland Raiders



Do i even need to say anything here? Their only victory came off of a fluke made by the referees against the Cleveland Browns in overtime. There was nothing wrong with Jack Del Rio and I am continuously puzzled by the coaching decisions of head coach John Gruden.



New York Jets



How in the world do you get blown up by Matt Barkley and the Buffalo Bills?! No disrespect to Barkley but I feel this Jets team just quit before they even started their first drive. McCowen looked really rusty and poor and the Jets defense did not even show up to this game.



San Francisco 49ers



The only reason this team is not lower on this list is because their game actually was close with the New York Giants. I honestly didn’t think much of the offense here as George Kittle continues to be the main weapon in this San Francisco equation. Of course Nick Mullens was going to be worse in this game. He was playing a defense that still cares. Still not enough and the 49ers fall to the #30 spot.



Arizona Cardinals



Coming off a tough matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Arizona Cardinals take the #29 spot. The offense was starting to finally realize the talent of David Johnson and get him going. Josh Rosen continues to struggle with turnovers but later down the road that most likely will be corrected. The defense also gave the Chiefs a little bit of a fight which is also good to see.



Buffalo Bills



I am sure Bills fans are losing their heads over this last win against the Jets but make no mistake this is a full moon performance that not a lot of people saw coming. Allen is likely to start again coming off of their bye week and as much as I like Allen I do not see much hope for this Bills offense. Their defense is getting better but at times falls victim to the amount of offensive turnovers.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers



How do you get more than 500 yards of offense and only score 3 points?? Fitz Magic is starting to wear off but I would still see him in there rather than Winston at this point. Still not impressed with this team as it continues to plunder down my list.



New York Giants


I still do not understand how a team with this much talent can do so poorly. Granted they did win against a struggling 49ers team but it was in the final minute of the game. This is another lost season for the Giants even with the talents of Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr.



Jacksonville Jaguars


What has happened to this team? Oh yeah I almost forgot; Blake Bortles. Now granted besides Fournette he was really the one who kept the Jags in the game against the Colts. However, I firmly can say this team is not the team it used to be and they take the #25 spot because of it.



Detroit Lions



We see the Lions crumbling down to the 24th spot. Not much to say here honestly. I just firmly do not believe in Stafford anymore and with the loss of Golden Tate it is going to be hard to climb up the ranks at this point in the season.



Miami Dolphins


I feel like I am going to get some hate for this one seen as the Dolphins are second in their division with a 5 and 5 record. I simply have lost the urge to watch Brock Osweiler. Frank Gore continues to amaze me as keeps going like wine with age. However if Aaron Jones did not convince you well enough with his 2 touchdown performance then I will say it here; THE DOLPHINS CANNOT STOP THE RUN. So there’s #23 next.



Cincinnati Bengals



It is not secret that I firmly despise the Cincinnati Bengals. This is partially due to being a huge Steelers fan but also they are #22 on this list for absolutely getting spanked by the Saints last week. They were without A.J. Green and most likely will not have him for when they play Baltimore this week which could spell early doom for this team.



Philadelphia Eagles



Oh yeah the hearts of all Eagles fans have been broken. I am sorry but this is just not the same dominant team as they were last season when they won the Super Bowl. Zach Ertz was a stud last week but in my mind after losing to a divisional rival in the Dallas Cowboys last week it is going to take a miracle in my mind for this team to get back on track.



Denver Broncos


I cannot say much about this team to be honest. Their defense is playing alright but the offense just cannot click and with the loss of Demaryius Thomas and Case Keenum continuing to turn the ball over it is only going to slow them down further on this list.



Atlanta Falcons



Besides the Patriots-Titans match up this game between the Falcons and Browns absolutely shocked me. The Falcons didn’t just lose to the Browns, they got overrun by them and just could not stop Baker Mayfield through the air either. The Falcons take a massive hit here and come up with #19.



Cleveland Browns



Okay call me crazy here but this team played lights out against a former Super Bowl Contender team in the Atlanta Falcons. Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson continue to stun the crowd and Baker Mayfield like he said woke up feeling dangerous and that is what they delivered in the form of a huge win over the Atlanta Falcons.



Indianapolis Colts



The Colts are continuing to sneak up the rankings here coming in at #17. A hard fought victory was delivered against the Jaguars in the form of Eric Ebron and Andrew Luck has been playing off the rails these last few weeks.


Dallas Cowboys



This team was plummeting down the rankings not too long ago but suddenly they find themselves at the #16 spot. The newly acquired Cooper and Elliot have been awesome and the defense is stepping up as well now. I honestly still do not have faith in Dak Prescott but that is a conversation for another time.



Seattle Seahawks


Seattle always starts out rough we all know this but they have been balling these last couple of games. Yes they did lose their last two games but they were against both the Rams and the Chargers and they even came close to beating the Rams last week and honestly how can you not like Russell Wilson.



Washington Redskins


Okay I am going to be honest. I do not have confidence in this team going forward. Their team has been riddled with injury after injury including most of the offensive unit. With three of their best offensive linemen out I just do not see Alex Smith and Adrian Peterson and the rest of this team doing well and will have to rely on their defense at times to get the job done.



Tennessee Titans



Okay I am not gonna lie. A main reason why the Titans are up so high is by knocking off the New England Patriots last week 34-10. Mariota however has been producing a lot more in this stretch down the season and if they keep playing like they did last week then they have a real shot at grabbing the lead in their division.



Baltimore Ravens


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Again I might be being a little petty about this one since I am a Steelers fan but the Ravens have not been performing like they did at the beginning of the season. They do have a shot at redemption in my rankings though as they take on a vulnerable Bengals team this week who just got flat out destroyed by the Saints offense last week.



Green Bay Packers



The Packers dominated this game, plain and simple. On the ground, in the air, you name it and now that they have an Aaron passing and an Aaron rushing this team could be meant for big things down the line. Expect big things from this team as Aaron squared keeps them going.



Houston Texans



Coming off their bye the Texans take the last spot in the top ten. The offense and defense are both clicking but they are lower because I need to see them play some better teams. They are still good enough to get into my top ten and I expect them to grab victory over the Redskins this week.



Chicago Bears


Beating the Detroit Lions, the Chicago Bears round off at the #9 spot. With the signing of Mack I knew the defense would get instantly better. What I did not expect was the explosive factors on offense as well. Nagy is doing incredible things with this offense and Trubisky. He was a huge surprise after playing not so great last year. They will claim their division if they keep going forward like this.



Minnesota Vikings



This is the team I saw at the top of their division at the beginning of the season, not the Bears, but here we are. The Vikings take #8 with the offense playing very well and the defense getting better. Kirk Cousins needs to fix his turnover problem (specifically fumbles) but other than that Thielen and Diggs continue their dominance in the receiver position and Dalvin Cook coming off injury we will see how they will match up against Chicago coming off their bye week.



Carolina Panthers



The Panthers drop this week after getting smacked by the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. The real star of this game was Christian McCaffrey who continues to ball out week after week. This time Cam Newton just could not handle the pressure of the pass rush and was sacked five times by the Steelers. He did throw two touchdowns both to McCaffrey but other than that he threw for a total of 193 yards all game. The defense was the main killer here though as they did not have answer for Pittsburgh especially on 3rd down and the Panthers fall because of it.



New England Patriots



I personally believe this Patriots team is on the verge of collapse. Now I could be wrong but here is what I know; Brady has not thrown a touchdown pass in two games, one of those games being against the Bills. This is not the same team even with the addition of Josh Gordon and return of Julian Edelman. Gronk continues to nurse himself back to health and soon this team is going to get a rude awakening and I cannot wait to see it.



Pittsburgh Steelers



Stunning. That is the word to describe the victory of the Carolina Panthers last week at home.  At the beginning of the season people were worried about Bell and the locker room, etc. Now Ben is throwing bombs, Connor is an animal, Brown and JuJu continue to amaze fans, both James and McDonald are doing well and the defense went from atrocious to riding the wave of momentum. Now instead of the fans worrying about the Steelers, other teams need to worry about the Steelers because they are coming and coming in hot.


Los Angeles Chargers


The Chargers are the team nobody talks about in my mind. They really do not get the credit they deserve. Their offense has been incredible this season with Rivers, Gordon, Allen and others going wild on their opponents. The only two teams they lost to; The Rams and The Chiefs. Their defense will also get better with the eventual return of pass rusher Joey Bosa, but they are still playing alright without him. This is the dark horse team nobody is talking about and other teams will regret it if they take them lightly.



Los Angeles Rams



To simply put it the Rams have been unbelievably good this season. McVay has done an incredible job piecing this team together. Goff has done a good job throwing and we all know the ability of Gurley. Their defense has been a little rough but for the most part has been good this season. The loss of Cooper Kupp hurts this team though and they have almost let a couple of games get away from them so they reside at the #3 spot.



Kansas City Chiefs


I have not been more excited for a Monday night game. The Rams against the Chiefs, wow it will be one for the ages. There is not much to say about how well this team has done. Mahomes is truly a wonder to watch as you just see how much faith Andy Reid had in him. The offense has completely thrived under him including Hunt, Hill, and Kelce. As good as they are and the records they are setting however, they still do not take the #1 spot as there is one team that is making more history than them.



New Orleans Saints



The Saints are the team to beat. There is honestly no doubt in my mind when I say they will be in the Super Bowl this year if not very close to it. Brees, Kamara, Ingram, Thomas, you name it. This team is unstoppable and deserves to be at the #1 spot.


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