Breaking News – Lebron James nears a Breaking Point…..13 Games Into the Season

I bet a ton of people text me before they even read the article, but here we go.

In case you are unaware, I decided to give LA-Bron a chance. I really did. I changed my “hate” to a “strong dislike”, which if you know me is a massive step. Just ask Greg. But guys, I have to be honest….This latest “news” story has me heated.

Lebron James “Almost Cracker” early in the Lakers season…..and we’re 13 games into the 82 game season. Let’s start from the beginning. Lebron decided to grace LA with his presence this offseason, signing a new deal with a young and excitingly refreshing Lakers lineup. Lebron fans rejoiced, Lakers fans were weary, and I was mad. I didn’t like the idea of a guy that leaves teams in a sense of chaos strolling into town with his band of used-to-be-good veterans just to ruin the hopes and dreams I have come to pray upon in La La Land.

Never the less, I decided to try and give it a real shot. I realized that Lebron came to LA to make movies and decided to respect the move. Off the court, Lebron James is a top five human. Humanitarian work as well as his stance during protests is up to personal views, but I admire the man for using his platform. On the court, he’s a whiny manipulative man with a poor finals record. Yes, top five all time easy, but whiny.

This week, Lebron decided to let us all know (because we really, really wanted to know) that he was near a breaking point early on in the Lakers season. The Lakers did start poor this season, showing that the new veterans that really aren’t that good (@ me, cause Magee, Stephenson and Rondo are not real NBA talent. Serviceable, yes. Championship, no)

Look, this isn’t even a “Lebron Hate” writing as much as it is a “you know exactly what you signed up for and now you’re blaming the young core you came to play with” article. I love the Lakers. I love the history of the team. If you are a Laker, you get a shot……but my lord, 13 games into an 82 game season were gonna talk about breaking points?

I know I’ll catch flack from the Lebron guys, but the LA fans will feel this pain. When Lebron comes to your team, it isn’t a saving grace like some people assume. Now, don’t get me wrong if Lebron picked the Kings to go to it would be the second coming of Jesus himself for that franchise, but for a team like the Lakers who want to not only win but get back to glory, this move was shaky from the start.

Adding the simple fact that this guy is close to cracking this early into a season that he signed up for is legit just his scapegoat card being played super DUPER early. I hope Im wrong. I hope Lebron leads the Lakers to the playoffs, and maybe even a series win. But let’s be real, this wasn’t a basketball move.

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