It’s Back. And so is happiness.

I want to just start off by saying this….Congratulations. Congratulations to t you sir. And to you Madame. And to you Mom, because you traditionally are one of few people who read my writings. Congratulations to us all, because the NFL is back!

The National Football League is here tomorrow, and as I sit here and write this I feel like a kid on Christmas. Tomorrow, we will see the first meaningful down of Football in a long, long time. Meaningful for us, of course, because the past four weeks a bunch of grown men fought for their lives to make various teams across the country, but that doesn’t mean anything to us. We just want to watch men be men and hit each other so our pretend teams can beat our friends and my life has meaning! FOOTBALL!!!!

Tomorrow night the reigning champion Philadelphia Eagles face off against the Atlanta Falcons, setting off the beginning of the 2018 season. I have to admit, I’m more excited in general the NFL is back more than for this particular game, but it’s a pretty solid one to start the season off. Low key, I’m excited to see what Nick Foles does against this solid Falcons D and it there’s any “Who will the Eagles play when Wentz is healthy?!?!” storylines the following day. Obviously, that’s not a real question. Of course they would play the hot hand, right? Speaking of the hot hand, is Tevin Coleman ever going to be a starter? I’m starting to get some serious “He was our guy and is not our guy” vibes from this guy. He’s obviously gifted, but Freeman is still a stud.

Another curious storyline I can’t wait to see is can Dallas Goedert the real deal? I know, even I hyped him up around draft time, but I mean…..could we have the next Gronk.

Let’s all just be happy football is back. Before it’s back though, let’s get a little fantasy update for tomorrow. For Alshon Jeffery owners, he is OUT for tomorrow, meaning there is potential for Ertz and Agholor to get some significant increases in the passing game. Another name I think could be strong in the passing game is everyones favorite scrapper,  Darron Sproles. Err, I meant to say Corey Clement, but Sproles is still in the NFL. Who knew.

On the Falcons side of the ball, I highly doubt first round talent Calvin Ridley will have fantasy relevance this season, but I’m interested to see how they use the kid. I have a bad feeling Freeman and Coleman are going to be splitting their backfield more than people like, but with the Saints last year proving it’s possible, fantasy owners of both should be happy. Julio Jones has the potential to exceed 5 touchdowns this year for once. I find it actually impressive how little that absolute freak of a human finds the end zone, although he will go down as one of the best to ever do it.


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