I would like to start this post off by saying I have trusted the Buss family and the LA Lakers front office with unwavering admiration up to this point, and the addition of LeBron James is just another positive step forward for a growing Lakers organization. For anyone who doesn’t have cell phone service, LeBron James has signed a four year, 153.3$ million dollar deal to move to the Lakers. After this move, the Lakers also added veteran center JaVale McGee and veteran LeBron annoyer Lance Stephenson. The Lakers are also actively searching for another max deal player and their candidates are Clint Capela, DeMarcus Cousins and Kawhi Leonard.

As a seasoned LeBron disliker, (hater is a strong word), the emotions as a life long lakers fan are mixed. For years this Lakers team has been rebuilding for something, and the fan base has loved watching the young players learn under Luke Walton. Fun Fact, Walton was drafted 31st in the same draft that James went first overall in.

Let’s start by simply saying that yes, James does in fact give the Lakers a larger chance at an NBA championship, and for that I can’t say I’m not excited. What I’m not excited for is the potential stunt of growth in certain players for the four years LeBron is in LA. James isn’t quite known for letting players grow into potential around him. He has an ability to make everyone on the floor better, but better at what James needs them to do. The young Lakers core is much more than a handful of role players with Ball developing into a solid passer and Kuzma becoming a fan favorite in his first year. Ingram has been a disappointment in development, but a solid scoring option when needed.

LeBron James joining the Lakers comes down to one thing; Can Magic sign another big name free agent. It seems a lot easier now with The King on the squad, but it really comes down to hitting on the second max contract they are able to award. Personally, I would love to see Capela get a big deal in LA as the Lakers centers have been extremely subpar in recent years.

Realistically, as it sits right now the Lakers are not a better team than the Warriors or the Rockets, amongst other teams in the West. It will be interesting to see such a power shift from east to west, which undoubtedly means that the Raptors might actually make an NBA finals this season (HAHAHA).

I will say this move worries me behind the fact that Paul George chose to resign in Oklahoma City with Russ Westbrook. A kid who grew up in LA and dreamed of being a Laker has chosen to stay with a ball dominate point guard in the middle of the country. Although the move might just be the logical one, you have to worry that stars don’t want to play with James (ex: Irving). If that’s true, and super stars are deciding not to align themselves with James anymore, the Lakers have bigger issues than they wanted with the signing.

All in all, Lebron to LA will be an entertaining ride with no hardware attached, as long as the West remains this dominant. As for me, I just have to wait and see.

Also, I would like to throw it out there that rogue basketball fans are the main reason for my disdain for James. Just pick a team you squids