“I haven’t watched a game this season yet but they don’t know that. I should probably just Google “Baseball” and see what comes up. O Cubs are in Pittsburgh, let’s watch the highlights. What did Rizzo do now? *Clicks Play*……okay so he basically just took out the pitcher he’s going to get fined. Wait, he’s not even out? What the hell?”

I call that poem “A thought about baseball”, because low key that’s exactly what went through my mind when I saw the notorious slide from Anthony Rizzo. If you haven’t seen it already, I’ll attach a link to some YouTube video at the bottom.

Long story short, Rizzo was coming from third to home when another Cub player (Sammy Sosa for all I know) dinked a grounder. The ball came to home plate, and Pirates catcher Elias Diaz caught the ball, tagged home, stepped three feet north of home and tried to throw to first to get the double play. Rizzo, the big clumsy looking goof he is, comes barreling in and slides in a legit World Cup soccer manner. If you watch the GIF, he doesn’t even touch home plate until he is on the ground for at least 5 seconds. He blatantly kicks out Diaz’s back leg, preventing the double play.

I’m no Greg when it comes to this sport. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot dogs and beer, but the actually sport of baseball itself has never enthralled my existence. This play did though. I would understand if the catcher was crowding the plate or blocking his path, but Rizzo might as well been called for running out of the baseline on this one.

I think the most insane part of it all was that the umpire’s watched it and called him safe. When you blatantly go out of your way to cause something like this to happen, like hitting a quarterback after they throw or attacking a goalkeeper on a corner kick, there’s no excuse in this day and age that we can’t get the calls correct. We have cameras everywhere, and instant replay is but a monitor away.

The main fear in baseball was that instant replay would make a slow game slower. In all honesty, we should be more worried about the umpires not being able to use instant replay properly. There are some calls that just are humanly missed, and even with instant replay human error will always exist. This, however, was bad. I am not saying that Rizzo should be castrated or anything but I think Clint Hurdle was right (for once) by saying It’s open season on catchers if this isn’t called.

Also, Maddon saying that Rizzo slide the way everyone should slide is a bit out there. I mean I get the fact that trying to save your teammate from being out is noble and all, but that’s also just flat our illegal.

On a lighter note, I would be able to take Hurdle and Maddon’s comments way more seriously is they weren’t wearing baseball uniforms. Can we please let them just wear normal work out gear? It’s just plain weird.