Growing up, there were sports, and there were sports. Sports were the thing you wore a uniform for and joined your team on the bench, listening to Steve’s step dad pretend to coach because no one else wanted to. Which actually isn’t true for me, because my dad was the volunteer for many sports and I disappointed in every single one except for soccer…sorry Pops. 

The main difference here is that things we used to just play for fun are now becoming world renowned sporting events. Certain ones like bowling and darts have always been competitive, but in this world today, the niche sports are growing fast. Let’s go through some of the humans who make these sports main stream. 

Curling – Becca and Matt Hamilton.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that all of you just gush over curling…once every four years. Curling is close to a mainstream push due to a couple variables including the drinkability, the easy, and the siblings. Matt and Becca Hamilton, the brother / sister duo out of Wisconsin were the first Americans to perform in the mixed curling duos in the Olympics. They made curling look funner than just standard rock throwing, and if you’ve never seen a picture of Matt Hamilton you are in for one righteous mustache. If curling becomes mainstream, these two had a lot to do with it. 

Cornhole – Jordan Langworthy

Cornhole will probably go down in history as the sport to sweep the nation the quickest mainly due to graduation parties and parents. If you are unfamiliar, corn hole is similar to the game horseshoe except instead of hitting horseshoes around a metal pole, you attempt to throw bags filled with corn into a hole in a slab of raised wood. If that doesn’t help you picture the sport and you don’t know what corn hole is, just skip this one. Jordan Langworthy is a young talent in the cornhole world who brings passion to tossing bags. You can see it in his face after each toss that he cares deeply about getting bags into holes. The talent this kid has at tossing is hugely impressive mainly because I thought there was one way to throw a bag and that’s…that’s to just throw it. He has varying shots for every single situation. 

Bowling – Jason Belmonte

Although Bowling is a little more close to mainstream than niche, Jason Belmonte was not going to be left off this list. The dude is a charismatic Australian who throws the ball down the lanes with two hands, a trick normally done by 12 year old’s their first time bowling. Belmonte has been on “Dude Perfect”, a trick shot television show and displayed he not only can get standard strikes, but can curl the ball in just ridiculous fashion. I know there are bowlers that die hards might think are better currently, but Belmonte is the one that will make you want to get to the lanes tonight. 

Disc Golf – Anyone cause this sport is insane

You can just google disc golf shots, because this sport has a level of skill I don’t believe a normal human can reach. I played disc golf a few times, and when pretending to be able to throw farther than anyone, I dislocated my shoulder and had to take the rest of the day off. Think about throwing a frisbee. Seems easy enough in theory, but the skillful players have a million different shots for every situation to make the disc fly way farther than I really thought possible. Disc Golf is basically main stream now, and I recommend you try it first.