Alex Smith is not a bad quarterback. He does not “Dink”, nor does he “Dunk”. I understand the numbers and I get the fact that he hasn’t been “The Guy”, but Alex Smith is a starting NFL caliber quarterback, and you don’t see those traded. You don’t win without a franchise quarterback in this NFL despite the fact that Case Keenum, Blake Bortles and Nick Foles all found themselves deep in the playoffs this offseason. If you don’t have a quarterback, you don’t have a chance.

At least that’s the mentality for the football team in Washington D.C. It’s subtly frustrating that Washington didn’t stop this entire issue two years ago by signing Kirk Cousins to a long term deal when he came out as the guy. This offseason, Washington will let Kirk Cousins walk and are signing a lesser quarterback for a similar, but less amount.

The Alex Smith signing cements Washington into the limbo of mediocrity and sadly, I think they’re Okay with that. In my entire lifetime, Washington’s only legit playoff shot was RG3’s rookie year, where his career and his knee both blew up. I assume that with Alex Smith they have a safe floor of above average in which they can build behind for a few more years. Washington doesn’t have an insane receiving core, and if Jordan Reed can’t stay healthy they have no vertical threats at all.

I think that the biggest advert effect of this trade is the future of Kirk Cousins. Kirk is the prize of this offseason, barring Drew Bree’s resigning with the New Orleans Saints. Almost every team could consider Cousins, but there are a handful that will seriously target the former Spartan. The Jets, the Bills, the Browns, the Dolphins, and my personal favorite, the Denver Broncos. Kirk will look for either a max contract or a run at the Super Bowl, putting the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos at the top of the list. Let’s weigh the options.

Cleveland Browns : The Browns haven’t had a decent quarterback since….Tim Couch? Is it alright to say Tim Couch here? The Browns aren’t as terrible as the 0-16 record seems, but you are what your record is. Personally, I think they are easily an 8-8 team next season with a solid draft and the correct spending, especially with the addition of Kirk Cousins. Cousins can be “The Guy” in Cleveland, the first “Guy” in a long long time. Cousins would add some validity to the possibility that Hue Jackson knows what he’s talking about and could save the Browns franchise from being the laughing stock for another five decades.

Now for the Denver Broncos. Denver is a quarterback away from being a Super Bowl contender, especially if they keep Talib this offseason. Kirk Cousins would instantly make the Broncos one of the best teams in the NFL if they are able to maintain a receiving core of Sanders and D Thomas. Kirk should want this move if he wants the glory of a Super Bowl Ring.

Realistically, it all comes down to what team’s want Cousins and what he values most. Don’t let this shy away from the fact that Alex Smith if now in Washington, and they will continue to live in the middle of the NFL till the end of time. All in all, this move means more for the NFL than Alex Smith could ever throw…I mean know.