Smalls might arguably be the most intellectual member of the bench, but his ominous demeanor keeps him close to the chest in most arguments. A die hard Penn State Fan, smalls was the first person to apply for a job at TFTB stating our site was “great”, but lacked America’s favorite sport…college football.

Latest Content

  • Two Beers Deep (College Football Week 0)
    This week Smalls joins the pod. We talk about Teddy Two Gloves getting the week one start for the Broncos. We discuss the dumpster catching fire in Jacksonville. Plus Ronaldo is on the move to Man City, Giannis bought the Brewers, and we attempt to say nice things about the Pittsburgh Pirates. And of course
  • A Statement From Your 2019 TFTB Fantasy Football Champion
    Hey. It’s your boy Smalls here. I realize I’ve been MIA for a few months now. Life as an adult right after college is tough to navigate, and I’ve been taking some time to figure it all out. But I wanted to come out of the woodwork and make a statement to my fellow Benchers.