Ryan Vojtash

Ryan “Vo” Vojtash runs the entire TFTB clothing line and ensures that Deke gets the samples he wants before Elsass has a chance to. This bender is the lovable member of the bunch and the only member to actually bring in REAL money.

Latest Content

  • Game Of Jones: The Battle of Frye
    We may not have won the battle, but we will win the war! After a tough loss in Week 1 to Degenerate Denny, Game of Jones looks to get their first win of the season against Team Frye.  Sure Dre won his Week 1 matchup, but is he really winner with a lame team name […]
  • Football Is Coming
    Good morning fellow benchers, today is a very special day. A day most of us have been looking forward to for months, the official start of the National Football League season. More importantly the start of the TFTB Fantasy Football League.
  • Lightning Strikes In The 5th Overtime
    The Columbus Blue Jackets faced off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the opening game of the first round of the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Puck dropped around 3pm eastern time, and we didn’t get a winner until about 9:30 pm eastern time. Yup, you read that right, it took five overtime periods to […]

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