Ryan Martire

Marty is a unicorn in the blogging industry, creating the perfect Segway between the E-Sports world and todays sports fans. E-Sports are the future and Marty knows what’s what, especially if you ask him about streaming star Ninja’s early days on the Halo circuit.

Latest Content

  • NHL approves the return to play!
    Welp ladies and gentleman, hockey is on it’s way back! On Tuesday, the NHL announced that an approved plan with 24 teams in competition for the Stanley Cup will be underway shortly. After pausing the season on March 12 due to COVID-19, hockey will finally be back. They will be cutting the remaining 189 games
  • Microsoft and 343 Industries announce the MCC Pro Series!
    Ahhhh….the day I’ve been waiting many moons for. Well, it may have dropped a bit ago, but the return of HCS is imminent! I’m looking more forward to Halo Infinite esports than literally anything else in the world. Still debating whether I should try and dust off the sticks and get back out there, still
  • Is Microsoft ahead of Sony already with next-gen?
    If you’re a big console gamer, you probably remember the absolute shit show of an E3 presentation Microsoft had when announcing the Xbox One. They pretty much screwed up everything they possibly could with it. Always online, $100 more expensive than the PS4, pointless Kinect, etc. It was quite the PR disaster for the tech