Dennis Hughes

The Degenerate didn’t have the greatest first take on TFTB, but he has quickly become a fan favorite amongst the gamblers. Dennis is the winner of the TFTB Field Goal kicking Competition and very proud of it, defeating Deke in the final round to cement himself as the premiere kicker at TFTB. 

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  • The Week We Have All Been Waiting For: Dethroning the RankKing
    This week is the highlight of my fantasy football season every year since I have been in the Thoughts From The Bench Fantasy Football league. Absolutely demolishing Austin and making his gang of misfits look like a group of clowns. The RankKing thinks he his superior to all in his fantasy football knowledge and it
  • Monday Night Football Bet Specials: What YOU NEED TO KNOW
    Normally I would take this time to recap my fantasy football week but this week I played against Steph, and there is no fun in shit-talking someone who isn’t trying to win the league like everyone else. I am just happy to see that Vo and Smalls both took L’s this week in their matchups.
  • Monday Night Football: Same Game Parlay Special
    Well, week 4 of the NFL saw some surprises that no one thought would happen in the betting world so, needless to say, every single one of my parlays was SHAFTED thanks to the Tennessee Titans not being able to pull off a win against the New York Jets. This is what I get for