Dennis Hughes

The Degenerate didn’t have the greatest first take on TFTB, but he has quickly become a fan favorite amongst the gamblers. Dennis is the winner of the TFTB Field Goal kicking Competition and very proud of it, defeating Deke in the final round to cement himself as the premiere kicker at TFTB. 

Latest Content

  • Deke’s Domination; The Great War Has Come
    Well Deke was right to worry as his team crumbled under the weight of the pressure and he barely cracked 80 points. I know it’s hard to handle when you take on the king. Sometimes you get nervous. It happens, but yes I was able to rack up another win as my team goes now
  • Feels Lonely at the Top.
    I never thought I would be in this position to write this article, but here we are, Deke Top Josh Bottom, being the only undefeated team left in the TFTB Fantasy Football League. Dre was nice enough to start a weak lineup and lose by 40 points last week, and with the Rank King (peasant)
  • The Demise of “The Dre”.
    I honestly took so long to get this article out because I honestly had no clue what else I could put in it other than just talking shit about how much of a disappointment Dre’s team is, especially with having the first overall pick in the draft. Dre, I’m not mad you lost to Deke