Austin Moorhead

The RankKing has been one of the biggest contributors to TFTB, especially when it comes to clicks. From sports figures to movie titles to band albums, Austin ranks everything and is ALMOST always correct…unless its with beverages.  one blogging enough right before one of his signature giggles.

Latest Content

  • The Top 10 Quarterbacks Facing the Most Pressure (2020 Edition)
    The 2020 NFL season is almost here, but it feels like forever. With the recent spike of the weather, I’d thought to bring back a segment I did last year with the Top Ten Quarterbacks Facing the Most Pressure. Sweating bullets is an understatement because being an NFL quarterback is a very stressful position. The […]
  • Moorhead’s Way Too Early 2020 Quarterback Rankings
    With the news of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger being able to throw again, it got me to ponder some questions. Who are gonna be the best quarterbacks at the end of the 2020 season? Who are gonna be the worst? Well, my job here today is to try to rank these quarterbacks based on […]
  • The Top Ten NFL Teams With Something to Prove in 2020
    The NFL 2020 season is still down the road, but after free agent frenzy and the NFL Draft, some teams are looking to prove themselves in the upcoming year. It is not in question that each team is looking to prove themselves next year (aside from one; cough cough, Jacksonville), but some have more reason […]

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