Austin Moorhead

The RankKing has been one of the biggest contributors to TFTB, especially when it comes to clicks. From sports figures to movie titles to band albums, Austin ranks everything and is ALMOST always correct…unless its with beverages.  one blogging enough right before one of his signature giggles.

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  • Deke’s 2023 NFL Mock Draft 1.0
    Despite the title saying “Mock Draft 1.0”, this is basically my 1038984th mock so far this season. The draft offers us something that the regular season often doesn’t…hope. Hope that one guy in the first round can impact a culture. Hope that we can wheel out a more professional offensive line for Kenny Pickett. Hope
  • Moorhead’s 2023 NFL Mock Draft 1.0
    It’s that time of the year again people. It is Mock Draft time. With the combine in the books we now look toward the future with the NFL Draft only 47 days away. There is a lot of exceptional talent and a lot of teams in need of certain positions. Plus, we only have 31
  • The RankKing’s 2022 NFL Record Predictions
    Ladies and gentlemen, it has been announced. The 2022 NFL Schedule has been released, and every NFL fan is already claiming that their team is going to go 17-0. Park your brakes there people. We all know that just won’t happen. Instead, why don’t we take a logical approach to how this season will turn