Andre Frye

Arguably the loudest of our teammates, Andre “Dre” is the prototypical sports fan with unconventional takes. No matter the actual debate, Dre has a way with words, attempting to persuade the masses that his take is the right one, and sometimes he succeeds. Dre is the final third of the HOTO show. 

Latest Content

    “I’m back.” is now synonymous with two sports icons. Last night during “The Last Dance” we revisited the unretirement of Michael Jordan where he announced his return to the NBA with that simple statement. This one is definitely not as impactful but still exciting as all hell nonetheless.  Mike Tyson posted a video on his […]
  • 2021 Top Hoop Prospects choose G-League over NCAA
    Stick with me here but Lavar Ball really is a prophet. He’s said and did some outlandish things since his son Lonzo Ball was at UCLA. The story of this prophecy starts two years ago when Big Baller Brand was coming together. Lonzo is on the Lakers, BBB was taking off, and Lavar was running […]
  • Dre’s Best and Worst Draft Classes
    A couple days have past since the 2020 NFL draft. This one was unlike any other for obvious reasons. It was filled with twists in the picks, some obvious ones at the top, some not so obvious ones with the Packers, and a whole bunch of great moments. My favorite was when the Patriots were […]

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