Andre Frye

Arguably the loudest of our teammates, Andre “Dre” is the prototypical sports fan with unconventional takes. No matter the actual debate, Dre has a way with words, attempting to persuade the masses that his take is the right one, and sometimes he succeeds. Dre is the final third of the HOTO show. 

Latest Content

  • Dre’s Mock Draft 1.0
    NOW we’re in the offseason. For those of you reading, that opening statement was aimed specifically at Mr. Greg Malek who criticized me regarding my Deshaun Watson article. I’d first like to premise this by fully admitting I was way wrong about Tampa Bay. I did not think they would vibe the way they did
  • NFL Hot Stove: Deshaun Watson
    Not even a week into the NFL off-season and the stove is piping hot! There’s already been a week of head coaching firings and contract talks, but right now it’s hot because one of the best QBs in the NFL is being talked about as wanting out of his current situation. If you don’t believe
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers Are 11-0 And That’s All That Matters
    The blatant disrespect for the UNDEFEATED Pittsburgh Steelers is ridiculous when it comes to assessing their season. Did they play their best game against the Ravens? Hell no. Did they win the game? Hell yes. Winning is all that matters in the end. Ari Gold from Entourage said it best (if you don’t know who