Andre Frye

Arguably the loudest of our teammates, Andre “Dre” is the prototypical sports fan with unconventional takes. No matter the actual debate, Dre has a way with words, attempting to persuade the masses that his take is the right one, and sometimes he succeeds. Dre is the final third of the HOTO show. 

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  • Dumb Dumb Dennis Meets His End; Bye Bye Frye
    Dennis thought he could bet the underdog and come out victorious. Dennis thought his team without Tyreek Hill would be enough to stop me. He thought wrong, and although it says he’s still in first place in the league that is a load of garbage, just like his team. The Rank King is the the
  • Heat vs. Lakers: Preview and Final Prediction
    It’s finally time for the NBA Finals as Game 1 is set for tonight at 9 pm. The road to get here wasn’t necessarily ideal BUT here we are. The road for both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat also was the one that was to be believed less traveled. But no doubt,
  • 2020-2021 NFL Predictions
    Week 1 is finally here and I could not be more hype about it. I need to officially put these out there since the season has started. I’m a day late I know and quite frankly yesterday didn’t change any of my outcomes for the future. You’ll understand why as you read down the list