Andre Frye

Arguably the loudest of our teammates, Andre “Dre” is the prototypical sports fan with unconventional takes. No matter the actual debate, Dre has a way with words, attempting to persuade the masses that his take is the right one, and sometimes he succeeds. Dre is the final third of the HOTO show. 

Latest Content

  • The Pirates are Becoming Fun Again
    We’re going to be talking about this team until the very last pitch. That is extremely exciting for me as a diehard Bucco fan. This series vs the Cubs was extremely significant for Pirates fans in so many ways. Oneil Cruz is the man we’ve been waiting for all year and he finally made his
  • Round 1 Winners and Losers
    Day 1 of the NFL Draft was absolutely electric. This was easily the most uncertain draft I’ve seen in quite sometime. For months there was so much smoke blown about so many different guys. A pass rusher went round 1 just as everyone always thought. It just so happens that the one that went to
  • Dre’s Final Mock Draft
    It’s here and I couldn’t be more excited. All the speculation on what your team will do on Thursday is finally here! There’s been so much smoke thrown out on who will go where that it almost annoys me and tires me lol. The conversation has shifted so many times that I refuse to believe