Moneyball (51 Points)

This week on Moneyball we managed just 51 stinking points in the Thoughts From The Bench League. Smalls absolutely shit kicked me. Where did it all go wrong?

First my bench was littered with injuries and bye weeks. Which in Moneyball you have to deal with bye weeks and expect to lose. It just came at perhaps the worst time of the year. With both my teams on the playoff bubble we really need to start rattling off wins.

Kyler Murray lost his golden touch. But judging from the points round the league everyone’s QBs shit the bed this week. Which if the QBs aren’t playing well then guess what your receivers are gonna suck too. 

I had a number of guys come to me this week looking for trades in the TFTB league. Every conversation ended with well we are just swapping underperforming players for underperforming players and that’s not worth it. As Greg Mac said, “With this many teams there is no depth in this league.” Which we knew going in, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for just how much the draft would really matter.

The 8 Team League we at least eclipsed 100 points. The re-match with cornhole partner and all around stud Ryan Mitchell did not go as planned. A 43 point performance from Marvin Jones Jr launched him over the top. What also didn’t help was me leaving Sammy Watkins in my lineup. Not ideal, but we were pretty busy Thursday.

 As always I will post the matchups below. Hopefully next week the Browns will finally find the winning streak we have all been waiting for.

Thoughts From The Bench League

8 Team League

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