Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 7


Miami Dolphins (0-5)

Previous Rank: 32


Well the Dolphins came up short in this toilet bowl of a game and honestly they played competitively, but still lost by a point in order to remain in first for the number one draft pick. Not much to say here though. Rosen got benched after throwing two picks and Fitzpatrick came in and almost won them the game. The defense is still swiss cheese and can easily be beaten. This week they get a fresh Buffalo Bills team coming off a bye week.





Cincinnati Bengals (0-6)

Previous Rank: 29


The Bengals drop two spots after losing to the Ravens in a divisional matchup last week. I picked Dalton as a sleeper this week thinking he could get something done, but with the run game virtually ineffective on Joe Mixon’s part Dalton was forced to throw too often and it costed him as he threw one interception and no touchdowns. The defense was terrible giving up over 200 yards passing and over 150 yards on the ground to Lamar Jackson coupled with a rushing touchdown. This week they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.





Washington Redskins (1-5)

Previous Rank: 31

Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins

The Redskins move up one spot after their first win against the Miami Dolphins. While the performance wasn’t great, Case Keenum returned under center and threw two touchdowns in the game both going to rookie wideout Terry McLaurin. The defense also stepped up a bit picking off Josh Rosen twice and causing him to sit the rest of the game. After Fitzpatrick came in though they struggled to cover anyone and only won the game because Miami decided to go for two to try to win the game and failed. This week they get the undefeated 49ers.





Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)

Previous Rank: 22


Just when we think Jameis Winston is starting to get on the right track he puts up a pitiful performance against the Carolina Panthers last week. Man this was ugly to watch as even though Winston threw for 400 yards and had a touchdown he also had five interceptions, fumbled the ball twice giving up one and was sacked seven times. The defense did its best to cope with this, but unfortunately just couldn’t handle the pressure and got tired losing the game and giving up 17 points off of turnovers. This week the Bucs get a bye to figure things out.





Atlanta Falcons (1-5)

Previous Rank: 28

Falcons Cardinals Football

The Falcons just keep getting worse and worse, but with how the close the game was and how they only lost because of a missed extra point they stay put where they are. The fact is this. Matt Ryan played a hell of a game here throwing for 356 yards and four touchdowns…and they still lost because the defense is just pure garbage. They gave up three passing touchdowns to rookie Kyler Murray. Honestly, I am quite surprised Dan Quinn hasn’t been fired yet, but I guess it will take another game or two for the idea to come relevant. They get the Rams this week who just got a big trade to boost their defense.





New York Giants (2-4)

Previous Rank: 25


The Giants had this game for a bit, but honestly there were a lot of costly turnovers in this game with Daniel Jones throwing three interceptions and a horrible blocked punt which was essentially blocked by kicking the ball into their lineman’s helmet. Golden Tate got his first opportunity to shine though as he caught the only touchdown pass thrown by Jones. The defense surprisingly played well here letting Brady only have an interception on the day, but the turnovers and injuries piled up to have more than they could handle. They get the Cardinals this week.





Denver Broncos (2-4)

Previous Rank: 27


The Broncos did little on offense that impressed me this week as Flacco only threw for 177 yards and an interception. The real story was the defense who shut out the Titans. The defense has now come through for them on more than one occasion this season and now they get the biggest task so far this season on Thursday when they meet the struggling Chiefs.





New York Jets (1-4)

Previous Rank: 30


The Jets move up five spots after their crazy unexpected victory over the Cowboys. It goes to show you that Sam Darnold might be the real deal after all. He played lights out against a Cowboys team who I thought were going to give him a lot of trouble this game. Instead, the man with a baseball sized spleen delivered with 338 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. The Jets have an opportunity now to get back on track with Darnold back at quarterback, but they have to go through the undefeated Patriots once again.





Cleveland Browns (2-4)

Previous Rank: 23


The Browns drop a spot after failing to beat the Seahawks last weekend. Look I get it. The officiating was piss poor in this one and there were a lot of questionable calls made, but when you get right down to the problem it might be with quarterback Baker Mayfield and coach Freddie Kitchens. Kitchens didn’t have a lot of experience coming into this season so he is essentially learning on the job. Baker however despite the calls made still threw three interceptions against the Seahawks whose secondary hasn’t been the best against opposing quarterbacks. He now leads the league in interceptions with eleven. The Browns go on bye this week to figure out the issues they currently have.





Arizona Cardinals (2-3-1)

Previous Rank: 26


The Cardinals move up three spots after their victory against Atlanta last week. While the score was essentially what I predicted it to be, Kyler Murray impressed me in this game relying on his arm more than his legs as he has been doing lately. Murray tossed 340 passing yards and three touchdowns and also ran for about thirty some yards on the ground. The defense still has a ton to work on, but they faced a strong Falcons offense who gave them some issues. They get another favorable matchup next week against the struggling Giants.





Tennessee Titans (2-4)

Previous Rank: 21


Have we seen the last of Marcus Mariota at quarterback for the Titans? After throwing two interceptions against the Broncos, Mariota was benched in favor of back up quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill didn’t do all that great as he still threw an interception, but in my mind he still played better than Mariota. The organization seems to think so too as Tannehill was named the starter for this week’s contest against the Chargers.





Los Angeles Chargers (2-4)

Previous Rank: 20


Speaking of the Chargers they drop one spot after their loss to the Steelers last Sunday night. This was an ugly game for the Chargers as the Steelers held them to no points going into the fourth quarter. They did manage to rally for 17 points, but still came up short as the defense was too much for Rivers to handle early on. Their defense was not good here either as they let rookie quarterback Devlin Hodges get his first win as a starter and the only other QB to start in his first game and win was Big Ben himself. They get a struggling Titans team this week with a quarterback change.





Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4)

Previous Rank: 18


The Jaguars drop two spots after their loss to the Saints last week. I was kind of disappointed in Gardner Minshew and the Jaguars offense as they didn’t manage to score a single touchdown in this game instead settling for a pair of Josh Lambo field goals. Minshew was held to under 175 yards passing with an interception and the running game was decent, but again Fournette did not have a touchdown. The defense did decent, but now they take a hit as they lost their start corner Jalen Ramsey to the Rams. They have a chance to rebound this week against the Bengals.





Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4)

Previous Rank: 24


The Steelers played lights out last week against the Chargers moving up five spots after an impressive showing. The defense was the story here as Devin Bush played lights out returning a fumble off of Rivers and also getting an interception. Watt did well pressuring the quarterback, but the real star in my mind is Cameron Sutton who had an amazing game in place of injured Steven Nelson. He was no short of incredible as he played well at the position, managed to recover a very hard onside kick and pick off Philip Rivers. The bad news is now Stephon Tuitt has been placed on IR with a torn pectoral muscle. Hodges did well with a touchdown and a pick. Nothing crazy there. James Conner got two touchdowns with one on the ground and one through the air and Benny Snell surprised me leading in rushing yards. They go now into their bye week tied for second place in the division.





Oakland Raiders (3-2)

Previous Rank: 17


It is always a pain to drop a team a spot while they are on their bye week, but it had to be done here for the Raiders. After a week of rest they look to this week in a matchup against the Green Bay Packers. In my mind Josh Jacobs should do very well in this matchup and Carr despite the matchup might be a sleeper pick for me. Let’s just hope the refs don’t give this game away to the Packers too.





Detroit Lions (2-2-1)

Previous Rank: 16


This was by far the most frustrating case of officiating I have seen this season. My god this game was taken out of the Lions hands by officials on a number of occasions. The most obvious which has been all over sports news were the two phantom illegal use of hands penalties on Trey Flowers which are pictured above. Note that both of these show his hands on the pads not on the face. As for the offense they didn’t receive a blatant pass interference down the field. Stafford did alright without throwing a touchdown or an interception and the defense played well considering they were facing Aaron Rodgers at Lambo field. This game was so hard to watch though as I honestly feel sympathy for the Lions organization getting screwed once again. They get the Vikings this week.





Dallas Cowboys (3-3)

Previous Rank: 8

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets

Well this was unexpected. Dallas takes its third straight loss of the season and of all teams to lose to they lose to the New York Jets. The problems arose when star receiver Amari Cooper exited the game with a quad injury in the first quarter and now Prescott was without his number one weapon. The only positive player out of this game was Ezekiel Elliot who had over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown. The defense stunk up even with an interception as they let Sam Darnold in his first game back after recovering from mono and having a baseball sized spleen score two touchdowns and over 300 passing yards. They will look to break their bad luck this week against divisional rival Philadelphia.





Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

Previous Rank: 15


The Colts come off of their bye week and have to face divisional rival Houston this week. This is going to be a tough one for the Colts to take away as the Texans have been red hot taking down the Falcons and the Chiefs these last two weeks. The key will be to pressure Deshaun Watson and score early to take the lead. If they can do those two things, they might just surprise people this week.





Los Angeles Rams (3-3)

Previous Rank: 11

49ers Rams Football

The Rams drop three spots after their brutal loss to the 49ers. If you read my start and sit articles of the week you would notice I had Jared Goff as my sit of the week and it showed this week as he only had seventy eight yards passing the whole game. This was extremely disappointing, but predictable in my mind as Todd Gurley was ruled out of the game with a thigh issue. Goff was pressured and also fumbled the ball once. They would have dropped more spots, but tonight I learned that they traded for Jalen Ramsey which should boost their defensive issues. We will see when they take on the Falcons this week.





Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)

Previous Rank: 7


Last week proved just how bad the defense of the Eagles really is as they were absolutely burned by Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. They gave up four touchdowns and were virtually mismatched for most of this game. Carson did not play that great of a game either despite the stats. The Eagles need to figure out their defensive struggles and fast as first place in the division is on the line this week Sunday night against the Cowboys.





Baltimore Ravens (4-2)

Previous Rank: 14

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens move up two spots after beating the Bengals last week. They were virtually favored on both sides of the ball in this one as the offense pounded the ball hard on the ground and the defense kept Andy Dalton at bay. The Ravens aren’t the greatest team, but they sit atop the AFC North at 4-2 and when the quarterback rushes for over 150 yards in a game that is pretty special to see. Plus they were just dealt Marcus Peters from the Rams to instantly boost their defense. They get a nice challenge this week against the Seahawks this week.





Chicago Bears (3-2)

Previous Rank: 12


Again, I hate moving teams up and down while they are on a bye week. That being said the Bears come off of their bye week and have a big task this week with a matchup against the New Orleans Saints. There are also rumors that Mitch Trubisky could be available to play for the Bears this week which would also help the Bears move forward into this tough challenge. The main thing will be can the defense stand up to the Saints offense.





Carolina Panthers (4-2)

Previous Rank: 13


The Panthers move up three spots after their impressive victory against the Buccaneers last weekend in London. Christian McCaffrey did very well compared to his last outing with the Bucs scoring a touchdown on the ground and through the air. Kyle Allen got another win throwing two touchdowns, but the real story here was the defense who sacked Winston seven times, intercepted him five times and cost him a fumble. The defense of Carolina is starting to look like a really good contender for a great defense. This week they go on bye with Cam Newton’s status on the team in question in my mind.





Buffalo Bills (4-1)

Previous Rank: 10


The Bills move up a spot coming off their bye week mostly because of who they play this week. The rested Buffalo Bills get the winless Miami Dolphins this Sunday and I couldn’t think of a better team to go up against with your players rested the week prior. That is the reason they move up a spot. The offense should have a field day as long as Josh Allen doesn’t do anything incredibly risky. Frank Gore should run well. The defense should thrive in this game with the quarterback situation in Miami a little hazy.





Minnesota Vikings (4-2)

Previous Rank: 19


Maybe I didn’t give the Vikings enough credit two weeks ago when they faced the Giants, but it looks like for the moment that the passing game has been revitalized in Minnesota. I predicted Diggs would have a solid week and he exploded with three touchdown catches and over 165 yards. Kirk Cousins threw four touchdowns and a pick and more than 300 yards passing in this game. While Dalvin Cook wasn’t the star this time, the team did very well on both sides of the ball and will look to take on a very upset Detroit Lions team this week.





Kansas City Chiefs (4-2)

Previous Rank: 3


This one might seem unpopular, but let’s face it; the Chiefs are hurting right now. This team is banged up and I thought with Tyreek Hill making his return in this game that Kansas City was going to come away with the victory. Even though he had 80 yards and two touchdowns, the Chiefs still lost this game. In fact Mahomes threw his first interception of the season and had three touchdowns on the day, but what is killing this team are the injuries and the defense. This defense is bad and I was hoping that they would have made moves for Ramsey especially since Kendall Fuller tore something in that game. They go to war with Denver this Thursday night.





Houston Texans (4-2)

Previous Rank: 9


Despite the two interceptions, Deshaun Watson had an incredible game this past week against the Chiefs. Not only did they win, but Watson threw a touchdown and ran two more in. Carlos Hyde is proving to be a valuable running back to pick up in fantasy as well as he had over 100 yards on the ground and a touchdown. The defense stepped up and cost Mahomes his first interception of the season and has been doing fairly well. If the offensive line keeps protecting Watson, the Texans should have no trouble overcoming the Colts this Sunday.





Seattle Seahawks (5-1)

Previous Rank: 6


Give Russell Wilson credit man. He is absolutely phenomenal. The Seahawks were down 20-6 when the second quarter got started and by the end of the game, the Seahawks won 32-28. Russell Wilson threw for nearly 300 yards with touchdowns and a rushing score as well. Chris Carson had a really good day with over 120 yards on the ground and a touchdown. The defense was the real story here as they normally do well against the run and suck at defending the pass. This game it was opposite. Nick Chubb demolished the defense with two rushing touchdowns and 122 rushing yards, but they intercepted Baker Mayfield three times. This team will look to shoot out the Ravens in a wild west showdown of two mobile quarterbacks.





Green Bay Packers (5-1)

Previous Rank: 4


If Aaron Rodgers didn’t play so well in tough situations the MVP of this game wouldn’t go to him in my mind, it would go to the refs that essentially carried the Packers to victory. Now to be fair Aaron Rodgers was without Adams, lost Allison and MVS was banged up so he didn’t have much to work with passing. He still managed two touchdowns and interception to close out the day. The Packers defense was stunned early by the Lions, but managed to recover very quickly not letting Stafford throw a single touchdown. This week they get the Oakland Raiders. Bad play calling better not happen in that game.





New Orleans Saints (5-1)

Previous Rank: 2


The Saints have nothing to be mad at me for dropping them a spot this week because this game essentially wasn’t that great to watch. The Saints settled for field goals and a Bridgewater to Cook touchdown connection to win this low scoring game. The running game was a bit odd as Murray got the most rushing yards and not Kamara. Thomas still led in receiving yards and Bridgewater finished with a touchdown and less than 250 yards passing. The defense stepped up not allowing a single touchdown on Jacksonville’s end. This week they get the Chicago Bears which will really test Bridgewater’s ability.





San Francisco 49ers (5-0)

Previous Rank: 5


The 49ers are taking the runner up for the top of the Power Rankings this week after their incredible performance against the Rams last weekend. When I said that Buffalo had the best defense in the league, I’m now thinking of changing it the 49ers as the Rams scored early doing nothing but running the ball on their first possession and then that was it. The 49ers completely exposed the Rams as a struggling offensive team. As for the 49er’s offense Garappolo threw an odd interception, but the run game did very well here for both the quarterback and running backs as Jimmy G got a rushing touchdown and so did Tevin Coleman. This team continues to impress me every week and this week they get a cake walk matchup against the Redskins.





New England Patriots (6-0)

Previous Rank: 1


The Patriots remain undefeated after their win against the Giants last Thursday. This was an ugly one to watch for Giants fans as they still lost with Brady not throwing a single touchdown and instead throwing a pick and fumbling the ball. The Patriots defense is the best I have ever seen and they continue to make big plays off of turnovers and silly mistakes their opponents make. Next on their garbage schedule tour is the second matchup with the Jets who looked very impressive with their win over the Cowboys last week.








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