Jerry’s Signing Everyone…and He’s Right

Let’s piss off some NFC East fans this morning. Early this morning, Todd Archer broke the news that the Dallas Cowboys and the leagues BEST RUNNING BACK, Ezekiel Elliot had come to an agreement on a six year contract extension.

We later found out that this extension makes Zeke the highest paid RB in the history of the sport, paired with a solid $50 mill guarenteed. Shooooooooo

I love this from the Cowboys. Absolutely love this move. I have 0 issue (unlike Mel Kiper) with having a premiere back on your roster no matter the cost, when that guy proves he is healthy and can be on the field every snap of the ball. Zeke has only had two injuries this far in his career, so adding him into the mix for another 8 years only makes sense.

The only issue with this deal is the off the field issues that continue to follow Zeke into his career. From exposing a woman on a St. Patricks day float, to shoving a security guard at a concert earlier this year to an allegded assault case, Zeke’s career hasn’t been plagued by injuries as much as it’s been tainted by his own doing.

For me personally, I like to think the best can come of an individual over time. Ezekiel Elliott can flat out run the football, that much we know. The big question for the Cowboys now will be if they can reign in the man himself.

The Cowboys also signed LB Jaylon Smith, a true feel good story and exact reason no NFL eligible player should EVER play in a bowl game unless it’s the CFB playoffs. Smith tore his ACL and LCL in the Fiesta Bowl and suffered nerve damage which dropped his draft stock from top five pick to the second round, with some teams removing the Notre Dame stud from their draft boards completely. This was a Jerry Jones move, and one that I still to this day love.

The Cowboys also signed La’El Collins to an extension and let me tell you soemthinnnnnng….this boy is an athlete. Plain and simple. The Cowboys have always had an upper echeloen O-Line, so it’s nice to see them sign the guy needed to help Zeke earn his big bucks.

I love what the Cowboys have done, and all that’s left is to sign their Franchise Quarterback….whenever they get one (sorry Dak).

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