Dwight Howard: The Second Coming

Dwight Howard was once considered a great player in the NBA, a double-double machine if you will!

Now, it seems that the league has left his game behind. He was one of the most dominant centers in the game and his decline seems to have started when he departed Orlando via trade to the Los Angeles Lakers back in summer of 2012.

His journey has covered stops in LA, Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, DC, and Memphis over the past 6 years since his departure from Orlando, but now he’s back in the purple and gold. 

I believe Howard has become a forgotten commodity and fell out of stardom since he was traded to LA. He went from NBA superstar to NBA journeyman in the blink of an eye and that all started after his messy departure from Laker land back in 2013.

That 2012-2013 season was such an abysmal finish and you should google the Kobe memes for confirmation. Actually here’s a few for your entertainment.

He is now back in the purple and gold due to a Boogie Cousins injury. The question is what to expect?

There is one word that comes to mind when I think of this move and it’s redemption. I won’t expect a 20/10 season from him because this team isn’t built for it and I don’t believe he can do it. The way the game is today does not fit the way Howard plays. According to a tweet (as seen in the heading) after his first departure, he’s been yearning to “make it up to LA.” 

Bottom line is this: just do your job Dwight Howard and you’ll collect a ring. AD doesn’t want to play the 5 and he shouldn’t and not to mention this team rosters the King in Lebron James. You’re not a guy who can stretch the floor since you haven’t developed a jumper outside of the paint. Get boards on both ends of the floor, take advantage of opportunities in the paint, and you’ll get your redemption. He can still contribute despite playing 9 games last year. Before getting hurt, he averaged 12 pts and 9 boards in Washington. If he can do that for at least 72 games, Lakers fans will completely forget about Boogie Cousins. 

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