Ranking The Top Ten QB-WR Duos of 2019

The NFL season is nearly here and while most people aren’t really concerned until August it can never be too early to prepare. With that being said I’d thought I’d dive into what I believe will be the top ten quarterback and wide receiver duos of the upcoming season. Without any further ado, let’s dive in.




Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill


Look I get it. These two create magic together so why are they last on the list? While it is true that investigations against Tyreek Hill have been suspended I would not be surprised if the NFL itself took it upon themselves to discipline the young superstar. I am imagining an eight game suspension and that would be very generous in my mind considering his actions off the field. Being that my prediction calls for him to be out for half the season, I sincerely doubt that Mahomes will be able to create as much magic with him as he would like. Instead he will most likely rely on his big bodied target Travis Kelce, wide receiver Sammy Watkins and newly drafted rookie Mecole Hardman.


Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen


Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen do very well together even with River’s unorthodox throwing methods and Allen’s injury history. These two do just the right amount on the field in order to put them on this list. Recently, the Chargers have been accomplishing a lot of running power with starting back Melvin Gordon and backup Austin Eckler. Plus with Rivers getting up in age it would make sense to back off the arm a bit. I still say these two will have a lot of success and score a lot of touchdowns together, but it won’t be as good as other duos in the NFL.





Kirk Cousins and Adam Thielen


Although it does not seem like these two would be a cohesive unit based on the picture presented above, these two killed it in the first eight weeks of the 2018 season. Kirk Cousins unfortunately fell under the pressure of the dollar value and flopped later and it started to affect Thielen’s production level. In the first eight games Thielen had over 100 receiving yards in each game and was the only player to do that besides Calvin Johnson. I am hoping that these two can create more chemistry together, but honestly it all depends on Cousins and how he can play when it counts. I see them surprising a lot of people and getting it into high gear for the 2019 season.





Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins


Yes I understand DeAndre Hopkins is in the top two for the best receiver currently in the NFL. However, that all depends on how Watson performs. I like Deshaun and his athletic ability when it comes to the quarterback position and he helps Hopkins reach new heights. he also should be getting Will Fuller back as well to help take the steam off Hopkins. With that being said,I have to look at the downsides though. Watson has an injury riddled history involving both of his ACLs. He also got creamed by the defense totaling 62 sacks in the 2018 season. Hopefully, the Texans can figure out a way to make sure Watson stays healthy because Hopkin’s production depends on his ability to play.


Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams


This one is tricky to put low, but I have an strong feeling about this one. On paper these two are incredible together and one always brings out the light in the other. However, Adams is virtually Rodger’s only secure weapon which means a couple of things. One, he will be an easy target for defenses to swoop out and scout. Two, Rodgers is going to be taking a lot of chances throwing to him which means Rodger’s completion percentage will surely drop even for a man of his caliber. Three, the amount of times Rodgers is going to throw to Adams is going to put him in tight and uncomfortable places. Adams has a concussion history and if he goes down it is going to be so much worse for the Packers. They will be great together. The question remains for how long?





Tom Brady and Julian Edelman


All the Patriots fans are coming down hard now aren’t they. Why put the great one, the G.O.A.T. and the legend Tom Brady only halfway with his favorite weapon. The answer is simple. Batman was great with Robin, but then he got Batgirl and then when Robin got older and became Nightwing, Batman got a new Robin to deal with. The point I am making here is that Batman was great on his own with Robin, but then he got more mouths to feed, more to train and others to spend his time with. The same can be said for Brady when it comes to his receiving core. He now has Demaryius Thomas and N’Keal Harry to think about. Not only that, but Brady is getting older and even though they won the Superbowl…again, time is not on Brady’s side.





   Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr


All I can say about this duo is that this year is going to be very interesting. Though we haven’t seen what these two can do yet I imagine it is going to be a sight to see. Odell has been looking a decent quarterback to throw him the ball and what better than the now sophomore sensation. The kid threw 27 touchdowns the most of any rookie quarterback in the history of the NFL…without Beckham. As long as the diva stays inside and not outside these two should make a very popular duo for the city of Cleveland.





Ben Roethlisberger and JuJu Smith-Schuster


I can hear what everyone is saying now. “Oh the Rank King is a Steelers fan, of course he put them in the top five”. My response; Damn right. These two created magic with Antonio Brown still creating chaos in the locker room and without Bell even showing up to it. Now both problems are gone and Big Ben finally has the chance to give this kid even more success than he already has. With other weapons in the receiving and running department as well as some upgrades to the defense Big Ben should feel less pressure to throw as much as he does. However, when he does the throw the ball it will be efficient and to his new number one guy!





Matt Ryan and Julio Jones


These two have been tearing apart defenses since they hooked up with the Atlanta Falcons. It will be no surprise that this continues into the 2019 NFL season. I was concerned at one point because it just seemed like Julio couldn’t get an opportunity to score a touchdown, but then the 2018 season happened and Jones found his groove. Jones will also have pressure taken off of him due to the presence that now sophomore wideout Calvin Ridley made when he was a rookie. Plus with taking two offensive tackles in the first round means Ryan will have more time hopefully to analyze his plays and throws to give Jones the best opportunity he can give him.





Drew Brees and Michael Thomas


Point blank these guys were incredible in the 2018 season. It will be hard to argue that they can’t pull off the same great magic in the 2019 season. Even though Brees is getting up to the Brady in age he really hasn’t slowed down as a quarterback or competitor. I mean the dude ran in for a couple of touchdowns on his own. As for the passing element, his main target is Thomas and they showed the entire NFL roster a middle finger by doing it in style. Thomas is still young and can still make more magic with Brees before he finally hangs it up. Honestly, I do not see a duo in my mind that can crack their ceiling, but I guess we will just have to wait and see to find out won’t we.



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